How to Get My License Back After a DUI? 

how to get my license back after a dui

How to Get My License Back After a DUI? 

how to get my license back after a duiIf you are convicted of a DUI in the Grand Canyon State, you will be subjected to a driver license suspension of 90 days or a suspension lasting an entire year.  There is the option of obtaining a restricted license after the 30-day suspension.  To the surprise of many, the process of getting a driver license back is fairly straightforward.  As long as you have the proper paperwork filled out, regaining your driver license will prove easier than expected.

How to get Your Restricted Driver License Back

Drivers can petition for a restricted license after a period of 30 days.  Restricted licenses allow drivers to travel to work, school or appointments with a probation officer.  However, the driver in question must prove he or she has completed every step of the required alcohol and drug education as mandated by Arizona law.  If the 30 days have passed and you have not yet completed the drug and alcohol education, it is still possible to complete it and subsequently petition for the granting of a restricted license even if 30 days have passed since the suspension.

About That Ignition Interlock Device…

Arizona law requires those found guilty of DUI to have an ignition interlock device installed on the vehicle for a minimum of 12 months after the conviction.  Even if the driver license is reinstated without the installation of the ignition interlock device, it is still prudent to ensure the vehicle is equipped with this machine as its absence violates the law.  Violating the law will likely result in an extended license suspension.

As soon as the driver license is reinstated, it will be necessary to add the forementioned ignition interlock device to every single vehicle you drive.  Fail to add this device to all vehicles you drive and you will might have to go a full year using the ignition interlock device from the point in time at which the original restriction would have come to an end.  Proof of installation is necessary before the driver license can be reinstated.  Arizona state officials will receive notification from the certified ignition interlock device within 24 hours or less of the installation.

If you absolutely need your driver license reinstated before the 24-hour period, it will be necessary to bring a copy of your proof of interlock ignition device installation to the motor vehicle department for reinstatement.  However, if you tamper with this device or attempt to circumvent it, it will likely show up in the reports and extend your punishment another 12 months.

Driver License Reinstatement

Be patient, serve your time, wait until your driver license is reinstated and your life will return to a semblance of normalcy.  Visit the motor vehicle department after the 90-day period or full year passes, file for reinstatement and it might not be long until you are back on the road.  Be sure to complete the required paperwork down to the very last detail.  You can complete these forms online or in person.  As long as you can provide proof you have passed through the required alcohol and drug education and provide proof of insurance, your driver license will be reinstated.

When applying for driver license reinstatement, be sure the address the Motor Vehicle Department has on file is truly accurate.  Have your driver license number, proof of insurance, vehicle VIN number and $50 reinstatement fee ready for submission.  It is important to note those seeking driver license reinstatement will not receive a call or letter in the email notifying them of eligibility for license reinstatement.  It is up to you and only you to keep track of all the relevant dates and submit the required documents in a timely manner.

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